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Product Review - Medifast Diet
Personally, I think - losing weight and staying healthy shouldn't be a hassle.
Society has pushed the waif like super skinny supermodel on us for decades. 

Fact is, I personally don't want to look like the Olsen twins - I just wanted to drop a few pounds and do it in a way that was simple yet fast.

To be real honest - I wanted my jeans to quit cutting into my stomach every time I bent over.

I've tried the Medifast Diet and liked several things about it:
1) It's easy
2) It works
3) It works for those with Type Two Diabetes
4) You can create your own meal plan or buy their ready made one month package.
5) You can still eat out and not feel like an idiot asking for special meal preparation

The story below caught my eye when I was looking at all the weight loss pills, diets and exercise plans. 

Then  I had the opportunity to meet Adrene whose in the story below - she's the real deal.  Medifast worked for her - it pretty much saved her life. 

I ordered the Medifast Meals - I did not care for the ready made package - you might.  I liked being able to create my own meal plan so I went with Shakes - chocolate and banana, Pudding - same flavors - chocolate and banana, soups - tomato and the Maryland crab.  I also liked the bars - chocolate with peanut butter.  You eat five meals a day (only one of the meals can be a bar).  You then eat one meal of your own (or eat out).  To see the Design-a-Menu - just click here

It's pretty simple and the weight does come off.  One month will cost you about $300.  Yes, this seems a little expensive but then I figured well - about $75 a week so about $10 a day.  I decided to jump in and order a month's worth and was glad that I did.

If it's still too much for your budget - order a week's worth and see what you think.  It's better than not doing it at all. 

If you can do it for one month - getting rid of the weight will justify the spend (it did for me).  I have had many compliments on my weight loss - most people look at me like I am crazy when I say Medifast was what I used.  Like me, they have seen it on TV and in magazines but didn't think it would work. 

I went down several clothing sizes and my shoe size even went down a size and a half (I swear!).  I would have been happy losing one dress size. 

The weight honestly dispeared pretty much overnight after the first week.  After that first week, I wore a size smaller then those pants kept getting looser and looser. 

By the end of the month, they were hanging on me. So I guess I am a real life success story too. If you want more info, just click here - Clinically Proven Medifast Meal Replacement Diet.

My step sister is probably going to try it - she ordered Nutrisystem and said she's lost a few pounds her biggest complain was all the extra food that you have to buy plus the $300 a month price tag of Nutrisystem. 

Budget wise it's really hurting her since all the extra groceries you need when you do the Nutrisystem plan really add up. Plus it seems to be a lot more time consuming to make the meals - not just the "heat and eat" like they say.  Medifast mixes with water (except the bars) and you either shake it or stir and heat.  I definitely like how simple it is.

Adrene Christian's Story  

"I lost over 92 pounds in 6 months on Medifast, and it has changed my life!"

I lost over 92 pounds in 6 months on Medifast, and it has changed my life! Before Medifast, I was desperate, depressed and on 13 pills in the morning, 11 in the afternoon and 8 at night. I had diabetes, fibromyalgia, bi-polar disorder, sjrogens disease, two heart attacks and high blood pressure all because of my weight. Thanks to Medifast, I no longer carry my medicine bag around – and I am healthy!

When I started Medifast, I weighed 310 pounds and wore a 24-26W in dresses. Now, I weigh 133 pounds and wear a size 6-8. I look outstanding!

I had tried other diets before and they weren’t successful. I would gain 2-3 times more once I stopped the diet. Some programs even turned me down because they said I was too overweight and they couldn’t help me! However, Medifast has been a miracle. I have maintained my weight loss for two years now, and not only do I look great but I feel remarkable!

If you want more information on the Medifast Meal Replacement Diet just click here.
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